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Planbu empowers manufacturing teams to plan efficiently, track progress in real-time, and continuously improve their processes.





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“Planbu is one of our strategic partners. We have been working together for some time in various areas and regularly exchange ideas. For us Planbu is a valuable partner and we are glad that we can continue to count on Planbu’s help and cooperation. We can assure everyone that working with Planbu as a supplier, customer or partner will prove to be economical and effective.”

Burak Karameşe
Oromog GmbH

“Planbu solved our manufacturing management complexities and helped us grow. We can track and manage our manufacturing operations anywhere.”

Ersin Boduroğlu
Factory Manager


Transform your manufacturing to


Capacity-based Scheduling

Plan & schedule your work/purchase orders, assign work orders to machines & operators, update your schedules easily visualizing the real production progress.

Sync with the production in realtime

Trace raw materials & products by batches, manage orders linked with each other, and monitor real-time progress & ensure on-time delivery to your customers.

Continuous Improvement

Compare estimated & actual production times to increase planning & quoting accuracy, boost production floor performance, and increase the efficiency of machines & operators visualizing available capacity, bottlenecks and overlaps instantly.

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what Planbu offers

  • Sales Order Management

    Create sales orders and convert them into manufacturing, raw material/product and service purchase orders.

  • Purchase Order Management

    Create and track purchase orders for raw material, product and service purchases.

  • Manufacturing Planning

    Plan your short/long term manufacturing operations on SMART Planner with visual drag&drop feature.

  • Shop Floor Management

    Assign your manufacturing operations to employee-work center pairs.

  • Inventory Management

    Create and track stock items, adjust stock values. Automatically create intermediate/scrap items on-the-go as you perform your operations.

  • Shipment Management

    Automatically create and track shipments on-the-go as you create sales/purchase orders.

  • Capacity & Resource Mapping

    Easily define who can perform which operation on which work center with a user-friendly modern interface.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Monitor the shop floor operations in real-time.

  • Unlimited Support

    You can reach our customer services any time you need.

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